Skiing photos

I thought I would share a few photos taken in collaboration with my sister Kate Dunston while we were away skiing with my family. She works for a company that specialises in designing, sourcing and selling branded merchandise for a range of high profile brands; her role is to manage all the online platforms/ stores, creating all sorts of creative content to showcase the merchandise. One of the brands she works with is Google and now I’ve become her part-time model/ photographer on a very irregular basis for Google merchandise photo shoots, and what better back drop than the Italian alps! Here are a few of the photos, I’m the one behind the camera on this occasion but on our previous ski trip  to Ischgl I also made an appearance in several of the photos which you can see on her website. My sister and I in the android hoodies are my particular favourites!

Adventures around Brick Lane and the Old Truman Brewery

So I moved to London recently and am still very much exploring the city and finding new and exciting Art galleries and exhibitions. Last Sunday I was lucky enough to explore Brick lane for the first time and can’t wait to go back with my camera, particularly after visiting the International Print Exhibition 158 at the Old Truman Brewery just around the corner. The exhibition comes from the Royal photographic Society withScreen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.13.22 the selection of 100 unique and powerful photographs across a range of genres and subject matter. My personal favourite was the Bronze award winner, “Comfort zone #1” from the series, “Comfort zone” by Tadao Cern.  The photograph is not staged yet appears too perfect  to not be staged but at the same time feels 100% authentic and real. I think the photograph really evokes a mixture of feelings with the sense that we are intruding but at the same time aware that this is a public space and we are then reassured that these women are content and relaxed. It serves to remind us of the very few public places that we do feel able to be ourselves, to be content, relaxed and oblivious to our surroundings.

All the photos were fantastic, beautiful and unique, some were absolutely unbelievable in terms of their timing! the exhibition has now moved to The Royal Albert Hall and is well worth a visit if you’re looking for some photography inspiration.  Here are few more of my favourites below, enjoy!