My first oil painting

Well my first proper oil painting, I experimented for a few days on my art foundation course and I started a self portrait this summer as a learning exercise but I haven’t decided if it is salvageable yet… Anyway, I have always wanted to paint with oils and finally had a summer free of revision and summer jobs to give it a real go! I love creating pieces of art for my friends and family and decided I would paint my friend Izzy for her birthday, although she didn’t get it till a few months later …need to work on my speed a little! I learnt so much though including: how eyebrows are a lot harder to paint than eyes and how easels are pretty handy if you don’t want to transfer black paint from the background on to the middle of the canvas…. I’ve posted a few photos during the development, the first photo is a little scary sorry Izzy! and also of Izzy finally getting to see it. I hope she liked it because she’s awesome and deserves the best birthday presents.

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